Must Have Top Ten Ride or Die Pantry Items

Must Have Top Ten Ride or Die Pantry Items.jpg

By Catherine Hill

  1.    Butter
  2.    Eggs
  3.    All-purpose flour
  4.    Powdered milk
  5.    Breadcrumb in both fresh and dry forms
  6.    Better Than Bouillon: Beef Base, and or any sort of paste bouillon
  7.    White sugar, and or brown and raw sugar
  8.    Salt kosher and iodized table salt
  9.    Black pepper and or a mix of different types of pepper
  10.  Starbucks Via instant coffee.

With this list of food items, you can make eggs, pancakes, noodle soup, creamy gravy, béchamel (roux sauce), all kinds of bread, and most importantly you can have some coffee and cake too.