Get Your Drink On: Part One


Hello readers,

I think our Hit The Road Jack Cocktail makes for a lovely late Summer early Fall drink. The first thing I crave in fall is apple cider and for that matter apple anything. But it was in the winter that we came up with this tasty bevy. I think in fact it was really one of those recipes born of necessity and frugality on a New Year’s Eve night a few years back.

I don’t venture out on New Years most years, but the hubby loves it, so he’ll go hang with his guys and then come home to me for new years kisses. When he came home to celebrate with me we found that we did not have anything in the house like apple cider or sparkling wine, so to toast in the new year we had to get creative. Creative plus booze mean cocktails. But to our dismay, we didn’t have much left in the liquor cabinet from the holidays. But we did have some of the applejack left from our Christmas roast and apple persimmon pies both of which heavily rely on the stuff.

So here is what happened there was a lemon hiding in the very back of the refrigerator and a dusty dented can our two of unsweetened grapefruit flavored soda pop I picked up from the markdown section of our grocery store. So we made do. With a few tweaks over the years, this is what we can up with. We hope you love it! If you would like to see other recipes for cocktails using applejack please visit the Laird’s website for more ideas!

Catherine Hill