Fresh Breadcrumb and Dry Breadcrumb


How I ever lived without breadcrumb in my pantry I will never know.  In my Must Have Top Ten Ride or Die Pantry Items blog post, I listed breadcrumb as number 5 on my list in both fresh and dry forms.

If I run out of something like condensed milk or evaporated milk or just plain milk, I can use the old stand by powdered milk to save the day. Similarly, breadcrumb can stand in for other food items I might run out of or they can act as a filler for meatballs, meatloaf, stuffing and a whole lot more. Fresh breadcrumb makes a lovely thickener in sauces and dips like in our Roasted Red Pepper Dip. Dry breadcrumb toasted in butter or coconut oil can help nuts go farther in salad recipes, they are a nice substitute for grated hard cheeses on pasta, and if you mix breadcrumb into the flour it makes anything you fry just that much better. We’re happy to share our breadcrumb recipe here with you.

Catherine Hill