By Catherine & James Hill


Cost in full: Ziyad brand All-Natural Tahini paste $7.69 for 16 oz. so that’s $3.85 for our recipe, 1 lemon $1 so that is $0.50, herbs are $4.00 for a poultry mix of which we use maybe a 1/16 of it so that’s $ 0.25 and salt and pepper could be about $0.05= $4.65 

For your shopping list, you will be spending about $13 to get all of what you will need. Good news is that if you get a 16 oz. jar of tahini then you will have enough for a double batch!

Cost preserving: $0.33-$0.16 Variables depend on if you want a full oz. or a spoon full.

Note on cost estimates:

We’ve based our estimates on prices at our local urban supermarket in summer 2016. Cost will vary by region and type of store and with inflation. Please consider this when looking at our estimate and plan your shopping trip budget accordingly. Also, we have based the above cost estimate of your shopping list as if you bought a small amount of pepper and salt from the bulk section of a supermarket. If you don’t have a bulk section consider adding $4 to your budget.


Is this going to be super hard?  No, it is so easy.


Freezing: Not recommended, but if you are going to use it as filler for meatloaf, freezing is okay.

Time: Keeps refrigerated for 5 days, but best if eaten within the first 48 hours.




Prep time: 1 minute
Cooking time: 7 minutes
Cleanup time: 3 minutes

Total time: 11 minutes


Lemon juicing can get messy and may squirt you in the eye, so be careful. Take care when using a knife by always practice cutting on a stable surface using safe knife skills and a sharp knife. This recipe involves mixing water into a thick mixture and splashing may happen. Since tahini is mighty oily you may want to wear an apron to protect your clothing.


  •    Lemon juicer and strainer; or you may use your hands and squeeze it into a bowl to avoid getting seeds into the sauce.
  •    Knife to cut lemon
  •    Measuring spoons
  •    Measuring cup
  •    A flatware spoon or chopstick to stir tahini
  •    Wooden spoon
  •    Medium mixing bowl
  •    Serving bowl


1 c Ziyad brand All-Natural Tahini paste. 
Note: shake the bottle and stir well before measuring past. 

1 half lemon juiced and strained

1-2 thick pinch(s) of torn herb mix (dill, parsley, and thyme) or any herbs you like.

½ c water 

1 tsp table salt

White or black pepper to taste


1)    Add tahini to a medium mixing bowl. 

2)    Using a wooden spoon stir in water and half of the salt.

3)    Add lemon juice and keep stirring until mixture thickens.

4)    Add torn herbs crushing them between fingers to let out their full aroma.

5)    Add pepper and remaining salt to your taste.

6)    Transfer to a serving bowl.

7)    If you are looking to get fancy garnish with torn herbs and a lemon slice.

Serving suggestions:

This sauce is a delicious choice for chicken, grilled tofu, salmon and various vegan meat substitutes. We recommend pouring the sauce on warm foods just before serving or at the table. We believe this keeps the freshness of the herbs and lemon juice and keeps the sauce thicker. We also recommend that the sauce should be served closer to room temperature than refrigerator temperature.

We especially enjoy this sauce as a centerpiece dip to a vegetable tray and with bread. This is perhaps our most complimented dip to date. Our party guests cannot believe us when we say just how easy it is to make. We hope you enjoy it!