By Catherine & James Hill


Cost in full: Nearly free

Breadcrumb is not only super-useful but should be an item of food that’s born of trying to save something that would normally have gone unused. We suggest using the ends of bread loafs to make this awesome kitchen staple. Bread ends have mostly been destined for the compost pile or food for chickens or our city chickens (AKA sky rats) more commonly known as pigeons.

Cost per serving: We make our bread. So the cost varies per loaf depending on what flour we use. Let’s just say, per cup, it shouldn’t ever be more than $0.50.


Is this going to be super hard?  No, it’s mostly easy, (once you know the most efficient method of cutting the crust off the bread).


Refrigerator: No more than 5 days. If left in the refrigerator longer, the crumb will possibly mold or at the very least adopt flavors from other foods (gross!) and go stale.

Freezing: Yes, really the only way to go. Keep in an airtight freezer bag covered in aluminum foil in the back of the freezer for up to 6 months.


The recipe should make 1 cup.


Prep time: 1 minute to gather your ingredients.
Cooking time: 6 minutes cut and grind
Cleanup time: 3 minutes

Total time: 10 minutes


Watch your fingers! Always use a sharp knife on a stable surface cutting away from the direction of your fingers and hands.


A sharp serrated knife for slicing bread

Blender or food processor


1 Large Ziplock freezer bag

Aluminum foil


3 large slices of homemade white bread or the end part of a few day old loaf *

two pinches of salt


For homemade bread: You can, of course, use store bought bread. Although, depending on the density you may add more slices to the recipe to get a yield of 1 cup.


  1.    Cut thick slices of bread (if bread is sliced, skip step 1)
  2.    Remove crust by cutting long slices around edges. Reserve those crust slices.
  3.    Cut up crust pieces 
  4.    Place a pinch of salt and crusts pieces in the blender set to medium speed and grind into crumb.
  5.    Place crust in one thin layer on a cookie sheet to dry overnight. In the morning you will have dry breadcrumb.
  6.    Cube slices of bread.
  7.    Place a pinch of salt and cubed bread in a blender. Set blender to medium speed and grind into the crumb. You may have to turn off blender and using a spatula to move the unground cubes to the bottom to get an even grind.
  8.    Pour your freshly made fresh breadcrumb into a freezer ready zip lock bag.
  9.    Finally, wrap breadcrumb in aluminum foil if you plan on storing in the freezer for more than a month.

Use suggestions:

The possibilities are endless.