By Catherine and James Hill

DISCLAIMER: This is a recipe for an alcoholic beverage, so it’s only for the grown-ups.


Cost in full: Laird’s Applejack liqueur (375ml) $20 which is 11 shots of which you’ll use 1 ½ making the cost $2.72, Lemon $ 0.50 and you’ll get 10 peels strips out of it making per serving $0.05, grapefruit $ 1.10, and you will need ½ making it $0.55, 1 can of Safeway Select Grapefruit Seltzer Water $ 0.25 + deposit 0.05 making it is $0.30 and you will use about a third of a 12 oz. can making it $0.10 = $3.42

Cost preserving: $3.42

For your shopping list, you will be spending about $21.9 to get all of what you will need. Good news is that you’ll have enough for a few drinks left over.

Note on cost estimates:

I’ve based my estimates on prices at my local urban fancy pants liquor store and Portland citric prices in January 2016. The cost will change by region and type of store and with inflation and liquor taxation. Please consider this when looking at my estimate and planning your shopping trip budget.


Is this going to be super hard? Very easy 


Freezing: No

Time: 15 minutes for individual servings these like most cocktails should be made and served right away, after that it gets warm and loses its fizz and get watery. 

1.5 hours for a punch bowl if using an ice block


Serves: 1


Prep time: 3 minutes
Cooking time: 2 minutes
Cleanup time: 3 minutes

Total time: 8 minutes


Booze and knives are not good friends. Be sure to do your cutting first before consuming any alcohol. Be careful, drink responsibly and have fun.


  •    Lemon garnish tool or veggie peeler if you got it
  •    Knife 
  •    Measuring cup 
  •    Highball glass
  •    Spoon


Lemon peel

½ Grapefruit juiced (we recommend a pink grapefruit)

1.5 Oz. of Laird’s Applejack 

2 1 Inch cubes of ice 

3-4 oz.  Chilled Safeway Select Grapefruit Seltzer Water or any unsweetened grapefruit flavored seltzer water of your choice


  1.    Peel the lemon with a lemon-zesting tool. If you don’t have a tool designed to make cute curly drink garnishes, this is going to take a minute. Take a veggie peeler and peel a long strip and then use the tip of a slender-bladed knife to cut into thin long 3-inch strips. 
  2.    Cut grapefruit in half down the equator and squeeze the juice out into a measuring cup. A handheld juicing press works well for this job.
  3.    Rub the glass’ lip with lemon peel and set peel to the side.
  4.    Add ½ -1 oz. of the pink grapefruit juice to the glass.
  5.    Add applejack.
  6.    Add ice and stir with the spoon to cool liquid.
  7.    Add soda.
  8.    Place the same lemon peel (used in step 3) on the top to garnish, so that the scent of the lemon will be present for every sudsy sip.

Serving suggestions:

Serve with taro chips of any kind or unsalted or lightly peanuts or nut mix. 

Using a highball glass or something with that shape is ideal and not optional. Highball glasses will make this cocktail easy to consume, as ice in a bevy does like to slip and slide in a martini glass.

WARNING: It’s crucial you serve this cocktail in a proper glass. The drink won’t fill a narrow tall glass, like a pint glass, and the aroma of the drink cannot be fully enjoyed because the nose cannot reach the drink. Juice glasses or Collins are not recommended for the same reason. We also do not recommend using a straw no matter how cute it might look.