Split Cane Fly Rods 
By Triune Artisan Rods

Handcrafted Custom Bamboo Fly Rods

Custom built to your personal design from real bamboo!


Casting with a bamboo rod is a bit different than a graphite rod but has so many other benefits than it allows for much better performance than any of the other rides on the market.


Bamboo rods are so sensitive to the reactions of the fish they allow you to catch more fish. this is why most professionals prefer bamboo rods over any other type of rod. it's about having the best experience catching the most beautiful and incredible fish.


Matching the hatch or imitating nature is performed much more easily with a bamboo Rod because of its ability to present the fly in a more natural manner.

Get Your Custom Designed & Crafted Fly Rod Today

Dave Smock is an avid fly fisherman since 1998. He started tying his own flies about back in 2008. In 2018 Dave decided to try his hand at making fly rods. Dave made his first two rods and fell in love with the process. It took some time for Dave to master the craft but by now they are a huge hit! 

Dave only uses the best known materials, split cane bamboo, which is viewed by the top fly fishermen as the best. By now Dave has had some of the most avid fly fisherman commission him to make a rod for them. 

There are only a select few rod owners on this little planet, but Dave will make a rod for those who truly love fly fishing. Now Dave will make for You a Custom Designed and Handcrafted Bamboo Fly Rod! Order yours here today.