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YLC Brook Duman - Carol House
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YLC Willie J Debut Sun And The Rain
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Jonathan Pratt - GuardEx - Your Little Castle Show
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Air Conditioning Expert And Owner Of Anton HVAC Craig Denton

Real Estate And Wealth Building Expert Merle Schneider

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Meet The YLC Show Team

Member Of Chesterfield Chamber Of Commerce

Top Billboard Artist Willie J & Aspiring Musician Harry Spelz Talk with The Cowboy About Facing Real Time (Willie) and A Coma (Harry) And Then Turning Their World's Around

Watch Brook Dubman's Interview And His Thoughts On Success And The Show

35th Anniversary Of The Wildcats - President / Coach Kyle Nunn & Chris Brown Talk  Wentzville Wildcats Football On The Your Little Castle Show

Prepping A House To Be Sold - Top Realtor Mary Krummenacher - Your Little Castle Show

Archway Construction - Secrets About Roofing Most Have Never Heard... Wow!

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The 'Your Little Castle Show' Will Air on ABC Here In St Louis

About The Show

Since 2015 The Cardinal Cowboy has been highlighting leaders in our community on his TV Shows on ABC and NBC here in St. Louis... Now we are highlighting the Top Real Estate & Housing Industry Leaders In Our Community.

Let us know who you know that deserves to be highlighted on our Show...

The 'Your Little Castle Show'!

The Cardinal Cowboy Has Been Seen On These... And dozens of other local and national networks / publications.

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Info About Our Platform & Creator

23 Years Serving

Our Host, The Cardinal Cowboy, has been serving our community since 1998.

He has won the Bob Emig Award For Helping to Support Youth Sports, been given the Distinguished Service Award from the Missouri Brain Injury Association, worked directly with over 150 Charities and so much more!

The Cowboy is a survivor of a coma and a traumatic brain injury, given less than 50/50 odds to survive. And has now worked with hundreds of kids, young adults and the elderly to help to inspire and motivate those who have hit a road block in life. More info Here.

Over 3.4 Million Reached

In the last 24 months alone the Cardinal Cowboy has reached over 3.4 Million People with his Social Media Channels.

Now the Cowboy is expanding his network specifically to the Real Estate World to allow those experts to use his reach in the St. Louis and Midwest Market and to leverage his Brand and Message of Success.

Business Success

After 10  Years as Sr. Technical Analyst at Anheuser-Busch building and maintaining their e-mail systems, the Cardinal Cowboy has been ranked as the #1 Consultant / Sales Rep for A List Of Nationally Renowned Businesses including Dex Media, Thryv, and ReachLocal just to name a few and has helped hundreds of small businesses to prosper with his skills in the Digital Marketing World.

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About the Cardinal Cowboy & The 'Your Little Castle Show'

After 10 years building and managing the e-mail systems for Anheuser-Busch, Carter Rethwisch, aka the Cardinal Cowboy, decided to take his Tech Skills to the Financial World. The Cowboy actually was ranked as the #2 Consultant in the Midwest Region for one of the largest financial firms in the country.

After doing Mortgages from 2007 to 2010 he received an offer to take his Digital Marketing skills to Google's #1 Reseller Partner where he was ranked the #1 Consultant of over 500 consultants for Google's Ads Management Partner. 

Carter worked with some of the top Mortgage Companies in the the Midwest and the Country managing their On-line and Digital Marketing.

Finally, in the fall of 2020 a long time friend and well-known mortgage broker met with the Carter aka, Cardinal Cowboy, to bring him back full-time into the mortgage world, to manage mortgage campaigns and marketing and to be a full time Licensed Mortgage Broker.

Carter is a fully licensed Mortgage Loan Officer and a World Renowned Internet Marketing Expert.

Now the Cowboy, with 5 years of having a TV Show on ABC and NBC in St. Louis, the 'Cardinal Cowboy Show' and the 'Cowboy & Judge Show', is launching his own Realty Expert Show... This is it, the 'Your Little Castle Show'.


Real Estate Company
Insurance Company

Mortgage Company (Filled)
Property Flip Company
Roofing Company
Siding Company
Lawn Care Company
Landscaping Company
Remodeling Company

Auto Mechanic Repair

Pool Maintenance Co

Banquet Center Company
Catering Company
Plumbing Company
Electrical Company
Heating/Cooling Company
Decking Company
Flooring Company
Appliance Company
Computer / Home Tech Co

Transportation Expert 

Pool Construction Co

Moving Company
Home Warranty Co
Fence Company
Handyman Company
Storage Company
Rental Company
Photography Co (Filled)
Accounting Company
Local Sports Ent Co

Auto Body Repair

Restoration Company

Financial Company (Filled)

Title Company
Real Estate Lawyer

Cleaning Service

Furniture Company (Filled)
Appraisal Company

Home Inspection Comp
Real Estate Investor
Restaurant Owner
Local Entertainment Venue

Tree Service Company

We Are Looking For Up To Only 1 Expert In Each Category To Represent The Core Of The St Louis Area.
Many of These Spots Are Filled Already. 

- Want To Be A Real Estate Expert Or Related Industry Expert Guest On The Show?

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Here Is One Of Our Show Guests

And A Visit To Our Clients Business

What Do People Say?

The Cardinal Cowboy Show is great… Intuitive, funny, motivating, and engaging! For Carol House it's been a nice way to advertise and create goodwill while just doing an interview and news story.

Brook Dubman
Owner Carol House Furniture 

I have worked with Carter on a list of projects and charitable endeavors. When you need someone to come through he is your guy, like when we needed a check for $15,000 for a charity event, the Cowboy made a few calls and made it happen. What an awesome community leader.

Karl Lund
VP at Cam Print / Owner List It

I just love being on the Cardinal Cowboy Show. The Cowboy talks to me like a friend, someone sincerely interested in what I want to share. And his studio is top notch with all the tools to provide a great experience you will want to share with everyone.

Dr. Eric Nepute
Owner, Nepute Chiropractic Health Center

Carter is on the ball. I was one of his first experts guests when he streamed his first business leaders show back in 2017. Now he has not only helped me with my families mortgage needs but he continues to lead in our community.

Jennifer Fox Thomas 
Business Strategist / Marketing Consultant

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