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Want To Reach 500,000 to 2  Million Or More People Organically?

Get Your Business Pumping With 10 To 50 Video Clips About Your Company & Product

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We Have Been On These And Many More Networks & Publications...

Get A Professional Video With Clips To Post On Social Media

The Best Video Studio

Use Our Studio, complete with an 11 x 7 foot TV Wall! We have 4 HD Cameras, Lights, Switchers, Wireless Mics, LIVE Streaming and More! In this Studio we have produced shows that have aired around the world including on ABC!

The Recipe

Pump out 5, 10 or even 25 Videos to Social Media And You WILL GET ATTENTION!
Our proven method has generated a Reaches of over 2.4 Million And More! Let us Post For You... And Show You How To Post To Mass Free Audiences! See Our Results!

The Audience

Tap Our HUGE AUDIENCE! Use Our Studio and Production and We Can Show Your How To Share Your Video to OVER 3 Million People! We have segmented Target Audiences to Pin-Point Your Best Target!

The Video Advantage

Establish & Grow Your YouTube Channel! Video is what captures an Audience... and what allows Your Company to explain what  Separates Your Product From The Rest! Get A Quality Video Complete With Short Clips To Present Your Product!

What We Are Offering

  • Platinum - Video Board Clips
  • - Studio Video Cut Into 10 to 20 Clips
  • - Videos Uploaded To Your Funnel Board & YouTube 
  • - Your Own Copy Of The Video And All Clips To Own

  • Regular $999

  • Now Only $399

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Check Out A Couple Of Our Video Board Boom Examples

Here are the links to these examples - FriiWilii - MyMetalPro

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