Food Is Important

By James Hill

I can only imagine what my wife must’ve thought of me when we first met. More importantly, once she got to know me enough to know what kind of foods I ate on a regular basis. I had been single for a little while and recently became a student. I’d become more accustomed to eating at home since returning to school, as I didn’t have the disposable income I’d become used to working full time. However, my culinary skills left much to be desired. I could manage very the basics, cereal, toast, a sandwich, maybe on a special occasion some sort of pasta. The first time Catherine saw my kitchen, she was instantly dismayed by the complete lack of food in my cupboards. There was maybe, a sad and lonely cup-a-soup and some stale saltines. Maybe some cobwebs. That was it.

In the passing days, Catherine became very concerned about my health and well-being, considering the lack of any nutritional value to my general diet, probably with very good reason. I went to school during the day and worked at night, or had class at night and freelance work on the weekends. My schedule was a moving target. Being a relatively average single guy at the time, I definitely defaulted to fast food, deep-fried pub fare, and the occasional corn dog. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Catherine was and is a spectacular cook. So much so, that at first, I didn’t believe she could possibly be for real.

While I visited friends, in San Francisco, Catherine came by my apartment and brought me a casserole she’d made for me. When my roommate answered the door and there was this nice girl holding a casserole for me, he was so dumbfounded that when I returned from my road trip to California, he still couldn’t explain why he found the whole thing so hard to believe. I kind of felt the same way. I was secretly envious when I met people that could cook – like it was a super power.

The care and love Catherine put in that casserole meant so much to me. It was such a thoughtful gesture, that even though I’d already fallen for Catherine by this point, her casserole further solidified the bond between us. Not only that, she really took a risk putting herself out there like that, as we’d only begun dating. When I got back from my epic road trip, in which I was both sunburned and hung-over, it was a mixture of shock and pleasant surprise I experienced once I discovered the casserole waiting for me in my fridge. Especially since it was the only thing I had in the house to eat! It turned out the casserole was delicious and much appreciated. The next week Catherine invited me over for dinner, and the rest is history.

What resinates with me the most about that gesture was how at that moment I realized something I hadn’t really considered before. I hadn’t acknowledged just how important food is or taken the proper care to prepare my meals accordingly. That all changed once Catherine and I began cooking together. At first, I wasn’t very comfortable in the kitchen. Though over time, my cooking has improved as has my confidence and the range of my culinary skills.

The economics of eating the majority of your meals at home was a skill Catherine had already mastered, while I, on the other hand, was much better at spending money than saving it. I soon realized when we teamed up, that we saved a small fortune each month by being smart with our grocery budget and cooking at home without sacrificing the quality of our meals.

Over time preparing our meals together and maintaining our home has become a crucial part of our relationship and now our marriage. We’ve discovered many great techniques, cooked many wonderful meals together and have compiled some great recipes over the years. About a year ago, I asked Catherine if we could set aside some of our free time to share some of the knowledge we have gathered over the years. As a result we’ve begun our journey developing this blog, our podcasts and YouTube channel.

Whether you are a novice or an expert, we hope our suggestions are as useful to you as they are to us. Thanks for reading.


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