Tahini Sauce

Dear readers,

We are so proud to post our first recipe for you. We selected Tahini Sauce as the first recipe because it is both easy and a multi-tasker being both a rich and fresh tasting dip and a sauce. The Tahini Sauce contains no dairy, nuts or gluten and is a friendly food for people with dietary restrictions.  The sauce has been popular at parties we’ve hosted and our friends have been requesting the recipe for ages.

One of our big goals at Your Little Castle is to help people at all levels of domestic-literacy and especially those just starting out who have very little to work with. Which is why this recipe is a great place to start. It requires no heat to cook nor does it require special kitchen gear. For instance our recipe calls for 1 half lemon juiced in a juicer and strained. If you don’t have such gadgets you could juice the lemon by hand, being careful to not get the seeds in the sauce. But if you enjoy eating it and like making it, you might take it as an opportunity to invest and expand your kitchen gear.

We hope you love it as much as we do and thanks for reading!

Catherine & James Hill

Click here for the full recipe.



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