Our Pledge To You

By Catherine & James Hill

Hello all, it’s nice to meet you. This is our very first blog post for Your Little Castle, our blog where home economics is not just about baking cookies! We could not be more over the moon that you are here. We have a companion podcast for this post which you can listen to here.

We are a husband and wife team based out of Portland Oregon. We are both artists. The wife side of our team is Catherine, who is a painter and art teacher. You can visit Catherine’s artist website here.  The husband side of our team is James, who is a graphic designer and graphic novelist You can visit James’ design portfolio here and check out his graphic novels here.  We both have a strong desire to help people and we are curious learners by nature, so for us, this blog we hope will satisfy these needs and be a fun project. We are starting this blog to share our happy housekeeping techniques and hacks for our kitchen and home. This blog is going to be a lot of things. Our highest hope is that our patrons and we will become a lot of things to each other, and we would like to outline what that will be like and make a sort of pledge to you of what we will and will not do here.

We pledge to make this fun, friendly and personal. We guarantee to bring you the recipes we actually eat, hacks and tips that we actually use at home, and our best estimates of the cost and time for every possible activity because we want to help you make your home a happy little castle.

We promise we will 100% of the time not get it 100% right. We will not pretend that we know everything on a subject. Often times you will be learning alongside one or both of us.

We don’t and will not make you feel like your home needs to be perfect like a magazine or a Pinterest pin, because that just sets many people up for a Pinterest fail. For those unfamiliar with Pinterest, let us offer you an explainy-who. A “Pinterest fail” is a term used to describe when someone tries to replicate an image of a craft, décor or food item from a Pinterest picture and makes a hot mess of it. We are not here to set you up for failure or to make you even like us. Because that’s:

a) Not good for your mental health – we are not here to intimidate you with our home-econ skills – no one is perfect and so no one’s house is perfect.

b) Keeping a home like a display room can often be costly and ineffective in an effort to stay on trend by constantly purchasing new items.

c) Living like you live in a picture does not seem to be about homemaking to us. We are about building home and family and not restricting how you live.

d) You should do you, boo. People are not cookies so don’t try to use a cookie cutter on yourself!

We vow that our blog will only be one piece of Your Little Castle. We will bring you content in many ways so that you can pick the way you want to follow us.

We have content on our: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest , Youtube channel and in addition we will offer accompanying podcasts.

Within our different channels, we will bring you more content to give you a rounder idea of what we are exploring. In this blog, we promise to bring you all aspects of home economics, which is a huge array of subjects. We want to encourage followers to give us feedback by contacting us, or visit our Patreon site by clicking here where you can support our work and choose a topic for us to cover.

Every time before we begin work, we shake hands, and we kid you not, we say to each other “Civil and sweet”. This is our pledge of how we work together and how we will treat you, our followers.

From our little castle to yours, thanks for reading.


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